Core Competencies


Total Quality-The approach

To maintain the company’s competitive position in national as well as international market, stringent quality policy is maintained and implemented at all levels of the organization in order to achieve highest standards of excellence.

Process of continuous improvement

Balkrishna’s response culture inspires to listen actively, which assists to receive accurate feedback on its performance from customers. Our quality begins with an understanding of customers’ needs and expectations, but ultimately we mean meeting or even exceeding customers’ needs and expectation.
Character and skill development is an on-going process at Balkrishna.
The principle- centered leadership practiced from inside out has perfectly aligned the organization leading it towards high-end of ideals.

  • Be customer focused
  • Be honest to your promise
  • Believe in the best
  • Build opportunities
  • Build enduring relationship
  • Compress costs
  • No short cuts
  • No substitute to hard work